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Get instant hot and cold water in the garden by installing an outdoor garden tap.

External garden taps are a no nonsense functional way to get hot and cold water to external areas without having to keep walking through the house.  

Whilst it is incredibly useful to have an outside tap for watering the garden, cleaning the car or power washing the drive more recently the fitting of an outdoor hot water tap has become increasingly popular and makes cleaning conservatories, UPVC windows and motor vehicles so much easier. 

Outdoor faucets that supply water for landscaping and outdoor utility ​need to be robust and withstanding a variety of temperatures so aren't usually aesthetically on the eye but they are sturdy with a variety of heads available.  Get real results instantly - act now by calling GM Gas Services Limited on 01772 612080 or 07971 163366.


You can be assured that you are in good hands with our gas safe plumbers.  Call us today on 01772 612080 or 07971 163366 for a free installation quote.

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